Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thing 11 - Slideshare

I used Slideshare for the first time recently, in fact to link a powerpoint presentation to a previous blog post about tagging. I found it extremely useful and a convenient way of sharing information across the web. This way of working, being able to store documents and information on the web itself, is becoming more popular. It frees the individual from the machine. It also raises questions about copyright, control of one's own information, and other legal issues. I was pleased to see a variety of privacy settings on slideshare. Very impressive.

There are so many interesting presentations on Slideshare which makes it a fantastic resource for catching up on conferences and other events as well as being a useful place to store information. Libraries could for example put their induction presentations onto Slideshare and point to it in a link on the 'help' section of the website and via Twitter. A very interesting resource overall with many creative applications within the library setting.

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