Friday, 9 July 2010

Thing 12: Delicious

Whilst I completely see the point of this tool for storing bookmarks within the 'cloud' itself (who hasn't had a computer die on them and all their bookmarks gone with it), I think it would take me less time to reassemble my bookmarks in their file hierarchy on a new machine than it would to store them all on Delicious. Whilst I acknowledge that the problem would eventually happen again, it is a question of time management. If there were 40 hours in each day, I would gladly spend more of them playing with Delicious. I think it is a very interesting and useful tool. Yet, once I start exploring it, I find so many aspects of it so interesting that I find myself getting so lost in exploring other people's bookmarks that Ihave no time left for anything else!

Perhaps when I next have a block of free time, I will come back and explore this Thing further. For now, let me say that I am in awe of the libraries using Delicious so efficiently and do definitely see the potential for this tool. The sheer vastness of information and the potential for organisation will need to be delved into at some future point.

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