Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Thing 10: Using Images

Copyright and use of someone else's images are extremely important topics and should be at the forefront of our minds as information professionals when we are searching for promotional images (indeed, any type of image) online.

I was aware that Flickr had some provision for this but I have welcomed this opportunity to explore the search options and only search across creative commons licensed material. A search for 'librarian' retrieved a very interesting data set (not least of all the librarian costume!) A search for 'personal libraries' revealed this gem taken by vieux bandit:

The potential for using images is high. The library Twitter feed and Facebook account both need images of the library. People are becoming much more visual; the little bird and the shadow man just won't cut it anymore. To have a strong online presence, one that is viewed by people other than close colleagues, there needs to be a strong sense of identity. This can be achieved through use of images within social media networks. I'll definitely be playing with this tool in the future!

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