Monday, 7 June 2010

Thing 5: Doodle

This week’s cam23 things are all about time management and event scheduling using new technologies. I have used doodle a fair amount in the past and have always found it very straightforward and user friendly.  Doodle allows us to prevent the horrible inertia of those stalemate situations when attempting to schedule a meeting or an event between a group of people.

 We’ve all been there. Emails bounding back and forth between all potential participants. Mrs X can make Tuesday morning but Mr P is out of the office that day. Ms B can do Wednesday afternoon but Mrs X is on a training day in Basingstoke. Doodle eliminates the administrative side of this problem (if not the actual timing clashes themselves) by letting an application see when everyone could attend or could not attend or could-but-would-rather-not-right-then attend. Gone are the days of paper and pencils. We no longer have to make tally marks under each possible time and date combination. As a way to schedule meetings and arrange events, doodle is an extremely useful tool.

So I shall wait to see what happens with the cam23 doodle and hope to catch up with others following the programme during this week.  Happy doodling everyone!

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