Monday, 9 August 2010


For my fast or quick post this week, I am writing about wikis

Wikis are excellent. They are flexible in their use, they provide an excellent means of creating truly collaborative documents, they embody the ethos of cloud computing, they do everything possible to make life easier when collaborating on projects across geographical spaces and they're easy to use.

Long ago, deep into the mists of time when I was a graduate trainee librarian, I used wikis to communicate and collaborate with my trainee peers. I have also been a volunteer editor for Wikipedia and can assure anyone who doubts the veracity of the collaborative encyclopedia's facts that the majority of untrue and/or unreferenced material is pulled within hours if not minutes.

Wikis are wonderful as a way of collaborating across computers and physical locations within real time. The Cam Librarian Teach Meet wiki is a prime example of this collaborative power. Wikis are a wonderful multi-purpose bit of technology that are adaptable to any environment.

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