Monday, 2 August 2010

Oh, Oh, Oh - Zotero

My, my, my, Zotero. Anyone can see, this bibliographical management tool is really good for me, I’m no longer lost in a citation mire that no one can see.

On a serious note, Zotero is an imaginative and useful tool for capturing, storing and retrieving bibliographic references. It is visually appealing and highly useful to share references with others.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to find out more about this tool. Whilst I personally prefer the ease and simplicity of end note's web based reference management tool, Zotero’s advantage of collaborative sharing could make it more attractive to our users (or perhaps not!)

My end note web now also has a ‘cite whilst you write’ plug-in to rival the paid version of the software. The ease with which references are captured from various electronic databases and manual entries to produce a bibliography is extremely useful.

A knowledge of Zotero is useful knowledge gained and which will inform my answers to future queries regarding reference management methods. (At break of day when that reference went astray, I opened end note - bah bah baah...)

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