Monday, 2 August 2010

Thing 20: Google Docs

Several months ago, my computer contracted a virus and I faced the terrible prospect of losing my documents. As I was advised not to use USB sticks in case they carried the virus to the new computer, when my wide-screen Windows 7 machine arrived, I had my documents all lined up in files in Google Docs.

Yes, it took a fair amount of time to load the files and put them into the relevant files. Yet the ability to create a file structure on Google Docs was much appreciated and fairly simple to work through.

I was and still am a little concerned about leaving documents on Google Docs for any considerable length of time. Issues surrounding copyright and ownership have yet to convince me that everything is totally uncomplicated. But for collaborative projects and short term storage issues, storing documents in the ‘cloud’ via a service like Google Docs seems like the best solution.

On a different note yet one related to file structures, I have finally found out how to add a structure to my Google reader rss feeds in order to group my feeds together: just go into 'manage subscriptions' and select into which file group each rss feed should go. Simples!

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