Monday, 20 June 2011

CPD23 - Things 1 and 2: why take part?

Why am I taking part in cpd23? Well, there are many answers to that question. After the success of cam23 last year, where we all learned about new tools and developed our links with some really interesting people, I am keen to see the same success again but with a specific focus on continuing professional development.

CPD is something that we should all do and that we should all make time for. It is our responsibility, no one else’s. If we engage with the profession, we get so much more out of our careers and we see how far we can develop if we push ourselves. The sense of community last summer was incredible, an entire online blogging presence comprised of Cambridge librarians who all know the issues we face. This summer, I hope we can retain the sense of community by having a CPD focus with people from all over the world! The one thing that unites us all is our genuine desire to develop ourselves professionally. I hope that this will shine through.

I myself am a New Professional (capital N, capital P!) I am also New Professionals Support Officer for the eastern region (via CILIP’s Career Development Group) – look out for our great events (shameless plug!) I am currently working towards Chartership and as such I am leaping on to CPD opportunities! I hope that we will get a real sense of community through diversity during cpd23 - by engaging with the profession through CPD, we enrich the profession itself and develop ourselves in the process.

Blogging is definitely more interesting and rewarding when we engage with the blogs of others. I sense that my blogroll is going to get a whole lot longer this summer!


Anonymous said...

love your blog background, and it's good to know that there are plenty of people around that know what they're doing, no doubt i will be reading your posts as we go through cpd23!

Lesley said...

Hello from a fellow cpd23er!

Anonymous said...


I'm New Professionals Support Officer for London and the South East so I'll be following with interest!


Julie Anne Kent said...
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Julie Anne Kent said...

Hello there, I am an Information Scientist though titularly the Information Fluency Officer at a College in Alberta Canada.
So glad to read your blog and learn so many wonderful things about other's practices and perspectives.

If you get a moment take a gander at my ePortfolio and then my blog

I will be following your RSS feed too! Thanks for being part of this 23 Things experience. Cheers!

Simple As Pie said...

Hello, I found your blog on the blogroll for 23 things. I just signed up and decided to explore the blogs of my fellow participants. I just love your background! Did you create it yourself? I am a pt public librarian and am really looking forward to learning more from you and the rest of the group.
Theresa Agostinelli

LottieMSmith said...

Hi Julie - good to virtually meet you - I'll certainly be checking out your blog! Theresa - yes the backgroud is one of the templates on the design tab on blogger! No further programming expertise required!

Simple As Pie said...

Hi Lottie, Thanks for your reply. I look forward to reading more from you and the others from 23 things. Theresa