Monday, 31 May 2010

Thing 1 Revisited

In my eager desire to get cracking on the Cam23 23 Things Programme, a screenshot of my igoogle page is currently missing from the consciousness of my blog. After a privacy issue that was kindly brought to my attention, here is the current igoogle page:

There are some features of igoogle that I really like: the word of the day, the date and clock, the weather and the news. I prefer to read my rss feeds in a browser and I admit, the amount of time spent deciding on a theme for my igoogle probably outweighs any time saving inherent in grouping all my information together in one place. And now I know that each tab can have a different theme, the possibilities are endless...
So that others are aware, do check in your screenshots if your gmail address it visible and you don't want it to be there!

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