Monday, 16 July 2007

Weekend in Suffolk.

Well I have recently experienced one of the best weekends of my life. In Suffolk. There is so much to do there!
On Saturday morning, my first stop was Orford Ness. After getting a boat across to the land, I spent over four hours exploring this truly fascinating place. The flat lands, silt banks and bright blue sky all conjoined to create a very eerie atmosphere as I explored disused navigation towers and labs. I would recommend this National Trust site to anyone with an interest in the bizzare. What was most fascinating of all is that nature is beginning to reclaim the land. Weeds and flowers are shooting up in the unlikliest of places as the site is brought back towards its natural state.

As I was in Orford at the time, it seemed a little silly not to also visit Orford castle. Orford Castle was built in the twelfth century under the orders of Henry II in order to regain some authority over the barons of East Anglia.

I would recommmend asking for a free audio guide, as it provides indispensible information on the function and use of the spaces in the castle. It is mostly narrated by a male voice claiming to be the Chaplain of long ago, a definite treat!
After spending the night at a deliciously good b & b, I headed earnestly over to Halesworth on Sunday morning to visit some llamas, goats, alpacas and camels. To round off the day, I stopped off at an owl sanctuary, where I was lucky enough to see a flight display. Very impressive!
All in all, a great weekend. Suffolk is definitely the place to be for good days out!

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